Glass stand or similar for a plasma, recommendations?



Hi, going plump for either a 37" or 42" plasma very soon and was wondering could anyone point me in the right direction for a good floor stand from whatever supplier. Thanks :thumbsup:


Cheers for that. I'm a fussy so and so though can't really see one on there I like :) Im after one to match the black new Pannys


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I just bought some soundstyle speaker stands from these guys. Good prices and speedy delivery. Only used them the once but very prompt.


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I too can`t fault They are superb, nice easy to use site too, and friendly helpful staff. I would recommend them to anyone.


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I have one very similar to this one recommended by pjskel :

though it's the one that the Dixons/Curry group sell. If you are wanting to arrange a few pieces of AV equipment on the shelves side-by-side you need to know what the width is between those 'pillars' holding up each shelf.

On mine I am unable to arrange equipment side-by-side as the thicker pillars on mine between each shelf reduce the available width.

That stand might look nice but it's only practical if you only have a few pieces of equipment or if your AV stuff isn't that wide.

I think this one is a very good buy & plenty of shelving space, shame that it's not in black though :

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