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glass filter has burn spot

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by enrico palazzo, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. enrico palazzo

    enrico palazzo

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    Thanks for this forum.

    just got a 2nd hand projector, Sharp XV-C10U. There is a glass filter sitting in the tray between the lamp assembly and the lcd panel. It has a burn spot it it, which gives the picture a giant brown circle.

    Can anyone help me find a replacement? I can't tell if the 50+ USD part )PHILD0110CEZZ) that is advertised on the net is that "filter" or just a ridiculously overpriced air filter replacement.

    Are there any home made remedies?

    Can I remove it altogether?

    PS the spot has an indigo coloring to it...

    Thanks for your help.


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