Gladiator R1 or R2, what's the different?



Have checked the price in PLAY for this title with R1 and R2.

R1 costs GBP 17.99 and R2 costs GBP 9.99, this is a big different in price when both are having dts, so are there any real different in terms of sounds and picture quality? What is the main different between them then?

I noticed on the description that r1 has 25 min deleted scenes while r2 has 20min only, and r1 has "7 Minute Montage of Additional Unused Footage" but this is not mentioned in r2.



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OVERALL : Draw - Region 1, Region 2 and Region 4 are more or less exactly the same (although those of you that can take advantage of the 6.1 encoding will want the Region 1 for the discrete - rather than matrix - encoding). Like Chicken Run because of the way in which the extra features are worded, it may appear that they are different but they are not.
and here's the link
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actually I know of only 2 diffrences. the R1 has 6.1 R2 hasn't and the R2 misses out on the hidden chickenrun trailer (the egg that became a chicken the chicken that defied a farmer or something like it)
I have R2 and I'm completely happy with it. Is the 6.1 worth spending that much more??


The R1 version is definately worth it if you have an amp that plays the 6.1 Discrete soundtrack!!!



Thank you very much for the information.

I have a 3802 on list and will be on my shelf perhaps at the end of this month, never have experience with dts and 6.1 etc., is the matrix and discrete really that much different?

BTW, what is the Ester Egg all about? What is it in this DVD?

Thanks once again.


BTW, what is the Ester Egg all about? What is it in this DVD?

The Easter Egg is a spoof trailer for Chicken Rug. Its funny. It is hidden on a hotspot (in this case Richard Harris' Necklace jobbie).

I personally prefer the pic quality on R1. Neil.

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