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At the moment Im using a basic Yamaha surround set up for h/c. The sub tends to start complaining on some dvds even though its turned almost off. Speech isnt the greatest either. But for all its faults it only cost £300 5 years ago and does a pretty good job.

Im ready to upgrade now and want a package that improves on what I already have. I have a seperate system for hi fi so this is purely for h/c.

2nd hand would be more than fine, thats the way I buy hi fi anyway. New, only if I must.

Around £1200 including amplifier (I dont need a receiver), Im unlikely to go much past 5.1 sound. I dont use the amp for digital switching, purely for audio and I use a PJ so dont even need shielded speakers.

I dont want to spend time at demos, I think its irrelevant unless the whole kit and caboodle is set up in your own home. Reviews in hifi mags are treated with contempt. Been there , done that. % stars [email protected] Its your experience Im after.

Any ideas ?

Posted to h/c amps as well.


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If you are only looking for movies then i would suggest a Sub sat system bassed around a very good sub. In home cinema the sub tends to do hell of a lot of work.

Just my opinion. I have the kef q7 cinema because i do use mine for music. Perhaps some of the sub sat people might like to give comments.



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Just trying to clarify exactly what you are after.
DVD player
AV amp
5.1 speakers. Floor standers or stand mounters?

Is this about correct?

How about:
Pioneer 565s multi region about £180
Yamaha ax 640 approx £300
Acoustic energy Evo setup approx£600 inc sub

Obviously this all new prices. Just an idea of mine.



DVD player already taken care of with a Phillips 962 SA. The AX620 and AE systems always get the 5 star write ups, but does anyone actually own this set up ?? 5 star reviews dont count for much in my experience.

I have heard several systems that use a mismatched sub woofer and they sound very overblown. The M & K system appeals. Floor or stand mount doesnt matter.

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Originally posted by karkus30
I have heard several systems that use a mismatched sub woofer and they sound very overblown. The M & K system appeals.
Overblown subs are frequently just badly setup. The M&K K series aren't bad speakers but the matching sub is expensive for what it is. The "non K" series are much better but it's pushing it a bit on your budget even second hand.

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