Girl Guides - Did it work for your child?


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I think it might be a good idea for my stepdaughter (she's 12) to join the girl guides as she is not too good with other people. It's not low confidence as she is very confident, you might even say overly confident. As far as she concerned is always the best and makes a point of letting everyone know that she is better than them. It puts other girls off spending time with her.

I thought Girl Guides might be a good way for her to get used to working with other people and hopefully making some friends, having a life outside of her room, TV and the Internet (at least when she is not banned from the last two).

Has anyone had success with their child joining girl guides to help them with social interaction or similar?


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My granddaughter did Brownies & then Guides & it was all a bit meh. Problem being that it relies wholly on volunteers to run, so the quality of the unit is going to be governed by the quality of the leaders. In both cases it they were very poor, disorganised & verging on incompetent. She quit after going on a weekend camp where her insect repellent was confiscated as a "medicine" & not returned until the end of the weekend. Spent Sunday afternoon in an NHS Walk-in centre with an allergic reaction to bites, which is why she had the repellent in the first place. :facepalm:

But your local unit may be a different kettle of fish altogether so you're best off asking locally.

Scout units now accept girls as well & from what I've seen, they are far more active in getting out & doing interesting stuff. So that may be worth a look as well.


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Thank you kindly. I shall look into that also. Anything to encourage to go out more and spend time with other people. She wasn't interested in Girl Guides (but it's the same for almost anything that requires any physical activity).


My 12 year old is just getting to the point/age where she is losing interest in Guides, so perhaps that age wouldn't be the best age to have tried to start her.

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