Girder, Meedio, J River - What software?




I have been looking around for software to run on a HTPC that will best allow me to stream HD Video, Audio, Photos, etc to a plasma display.

There seems to be a wealth of material out there including Girder, J River, Meedio, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Does anybody have any views on which is best?

Gerald :)


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Don't expect to get the same answer twice!

I use:

Xlobby. This suited my requirements best. It is not the easiest to set up but at the time I found it to be the most configurable. I do not use my HTPC as a PVR. If you are this may not be the best option. Within Xlobby I have music, DVDs, TV shows, pictures, weather!

Girder. Originally I used Xlobby to handle IR. It did a good job but Girder just gives a few extra options. Most importantly for me is that I can configure it to send different commands to applications from the same IR code based on what has focus. That way the Pronto can have a single screen and be pretty dumb. The curser keys have different effects depending on what application has focus.

Theatertek. Stunning playback of DVD. You can get excellent picture quality without too much tweaking. Improving it further is also possible via FFDshow if you like tweaking.


Hi again

Thanks for the reply. A great help.

I do not intend using the HTPC as a PVR. I just want to be able to stream Media to an attached Plasma AND browse the web.

Girder keeps coming up for control purposes. Does Girder have the ability to output discrete control codes through the serial port of the PC? My reason for asking is that The plasma has has an RS232 control port.

Further to the above. Assuming one wanted to feed control codes to several devices via RS232, is there such a thing as an RS232 buffer or hub that would allow one input line and several output lines?

Gerald. :)


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It looks like it will be able to send signals over RS232. This is a snip from their help:
Generic Serial Plugin
Provides generic communications over RS232 serial ports via Lua scripting.

Lua sub-device drivers may be written to generate events from specific serial devices and provide functions to command them. These should be placed in the %GIRDER%\plugins\serial\ directory. Examples are shipped for CallerID and IRMan/UIR/IRA controllers. However the specific driver UIR/IRman/IRA/CTInfra/Hollywood+ Plugin is recommended for the IR controllers.
I have no idea whether a hub exists.

I use the following:

This will accept IR and send it. I suppose you could use this to send info to multiple pieces equipmentent. I don't know wherther this is a better option but at least it would avoid extra wires.
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