Gioteck Real Triggers [PS3]


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£1.99 at Currys & PC World. Available to reserve and collect.

for anyone who doesn't know what these are, they clip to the trigger buttons on your PS3 controller and are curved the opposite way to the standard triggers, making them far easier to use in nearly all games. To me, they are just far more comfortable than standard, and make it feel slightly more like a far superior xbox360 controller. :thumbsup:

YouTube - PS3 Gioteck Real Triggers Sixaxis controller Mod for a long winded demo of them. :)
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I find the original triggers superior

Me too, these clip ons just get in my way - sometimes you need to use R1 and R2 together or same with L1 and L2 (for example, when you want to duck and shoot in RFOM)

They just get in the way when trying to do tasks that involve pressing both buttons at once. Although I guess theyre okay for driving games.


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I don't know about that. The triggers are still too fat to be better than the 360's, but I guess that's another topic :rolleyes:

Still recommend these though.
Couldn't agree more, but these at least go some way to rectifying the stupid design of the ps3 controller. :thumbsup:


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Can we stay on topic please?

If you wish to discuss the awful/superb triggers thing then please feel free to head over to the relevant forum, cheers.

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