Giointernet problem.. please help



i signed up for there 512kb adsl service last sunday (7 days ago) i got a confirmation email and they took the money out of my acount,

i phoned on friday 23 and said whats going on i havent heard anything, and they said they would email me when things start to happen,

the woman on the phone said friday lunchtime the order had just gone through and i should recive an email friday, 2 days later no email,

she said it would take 2 weeks,

1 weeks up, on the phone she said last friday,

thats 3 weeks in total, the websight said upto 10 days

whats happening i just want ADSL,

how long did it take to get your giointernet up and running?


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Sorry, can't help you at all with your problem I'm not a Gio customer .. however you may find someone who can offer advice over at ISPReview where there are various forums and maybe some GIO customers/staff who may have some suggestions.


its done, im surfing paying for 512kb

speedtest said i can get 1.3mbps download :p im happy £19,99 pm

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