Ginger Baker


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The world would be a colder, grayer place but for you.


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A true legend, while famously a very 'volatile' character. Amazing that he ever reached 40, let alone 80, with his years of heroin abuse, never joining Moon and Bonham. Sad he never made up with Jack Bruce before Jack passed and was embezzled by his accountant in his final years.

Good Times obit ...
In Italy he butted heads with the local mafia. In South Africa he fell out with the white denizens of the local polo club when he allowed black squatters to live on his property. When they painted a warning in red on his fence that read: “Beware, Mr Baker” he amended it to: “Beware of Mr Baker”.

Whatever life threw at him, he threw it back with twice as much force. “It’s been an amazing rollercoaster ride,” he said. “I’ve lost everything many times. A lot of people would have just given up.” On a point of principle he never did.


A true legend, while famously a very 'volatile' character.
I was listening to the radio yesterday to Johnnie Walker and as usual at on the hour news break he has a chat with the lady news reader and she said she met him at some awards do and even though she knew him from his younger days he was quite different and they been chatting and then
Lady: Sorry but are you in the music business then?
Ginger: I use to be in a little band called Cream.
The lady then said: I wanted to die
Johnie: Well he could have whacked you over the head with his cane so you got off lightly.


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Cream certainly changed the direction of music in the 60s. Innovators for sure.
RIP Mr Baker

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