Gimbal for action cam with cordless, physical remote control? -i.e. not just an app


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I have a AKASO V50 Pro SE action cam, and want to get a gimbal for it. My project involves installing this camera on the end of a long pole, so that I can simulate a flying drone type of footage (Am I showing my age, or is footage still a good word for making video)

Many gimbals have an app that can remote control it. However, I am having a challenge finding one that has the kind of remote control that is a physical device. I've seen some professional level ones, but at a price point that is way above what I can afford. I've also seen some very low price ones, that work with gimbals designed for cell phones... but cannot be used with an action cam. A remote control app doesn't work because you have to keep an eye on what the camera sees, plus where you are walking, plus where your finger is on the app gimbal control.

I've corresponded with Hohem Customer service (makers of iSteady) , and they acknowledge that they don't have any models that would meet my needs.

Am I seeking something that doesn't exist?



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I have an answer! I purchased a Feiyutech G5 gimbal. (note that this model is no longer available, and I purchased a used one) There is also a separately available "smart remote" for it. What confused me for a while, is that Feiyutech's web page has an error any time you click to purchase that remote. I found one at B&H Photo.

Note that the remote only controls the gimbal, there is no control over the camera itself. It doesn't seem to have proportional speed control either. Though, it seems to have proportional direction control. In other words, I have infinite directions I can pan, though the speed is always the same. Well, actually, it seems like the gimbal itself has software that will ramp up/down the speed when it starts/stops. So, it is not jerky.

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