Gigabyte P35K Gaming Laptop Review


Thanks for the review.

The initial batch that shipped from the factory to supliers lacked proper packaging in the middle of the laptop and there were plenty of returns as customers noticed the laptop drooped in the middle.

I ordered one of their revised P35k's which had extra foam in the box to prevent the laptop drooping. Unfortunately mine was also damaged, although less than the original batch from what I can tell, and so were the following 2 replacements. I gave up after that.

Buyers make sure you check your P35k if you go ahead and buy one. The laptop should not droop down in the middle.


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'Middle' is a bit vague on a folded over shape like a laptop. Are you talking about the hinges? The keyboard? The underside?


The laptop chassis itself. Check out the overclockers forum for more details. I think the p35k thread is a few pages in under laptops. My first p35k had a pronounced bend in the chassis when open or closed which was over the front removable drive tray. The other 2 were also bent but less so.

There is a new MSI GS60 coming out with the new 800 series GPU's in it. Might be worth a look if you're after a 15" gaming laptop. Ive got the 17" model and quite like it. I guess the GS60 will still have the same cooling issues as the p35k, I don't see how they can get around that.

Fingers crossed because I'm all for a gaming laptop that looks minimal. The Alienware style laptops put me off a bit.
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Thanks for the review, I would love a gaming laptop but the prices are just silly, not to mention them being plagued with overheating issues.

For the money I really can't justify just not building a fullsize or even SFF desktop instead that's superior in almost every aspect, although I understand that isn't an option for some people.


Im using the MSI GS70 which shares a lot of the same parts as the P35k. Its more than enough grunt for BF4 on medium at 1080p so I wouldn't let the lack of power put you off the P35k. The GS70 has gone down about £600 since I bought it 4 months ago, probably because the 800 series GPU's are about to land.

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