Gigabit Switch performance issues


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Give it a try, tp-link

I found TP Link is pretty good at finding specs, had a quick look and all their 8 port switches seem to have at least 10gb switching with 11m packets per sec.
They do on their newer switches, but they have been making 8 port gigabit switches for over 10 years, maybe hard to find data on their older models


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Some of those cheap 8 port switches, have a limited backplane in them and although they can deliver Gigabit at each port individually the backplane that they are connected to only supports a gigabit in total. Given that you may have a lot of devices hanging off your wif, your switch maybe prioritising traffic to the BT hub when it gets ‘busy’. Try connecting the BT disc to the router with the long cable and try plugging the Mac back into your TP Link switch
Yes. I purchased one of those 8 port TP-Link switches a couple of years ago. Never again. It's speeds were 10% to 15% slower than my Dlink GigE switches. Which max out Gigabit connections at around 950 Mb/s.. I had only purchased the TP Link because it was super cheap at the time. Like $15. But now it's just gathering dust in a closet. The fifteen Dlink Switches I currently use have never had the speed issues that the TP Link had.

I've had a gigabit network for twenty years now. And I had never run into a switch with speed problems like the TP-Link had.

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