Gigabit LAN with a standard Ethernet router + Gigabit switch?


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I previously posted something else related to this, but then noticed that there's something further I'm a bit ignorant on...

I currently have a router with an integrated "standard" 4-port 10/100 switch from which I channel my current NTL broadband to my various machines and have a small network. I'm not sure if this is a silly question or not, but...If I were to add a 4-port dedicated Gigabit switch to one of the router's ports, and from that add all of my local machines (all with Gigabit supporting NICs), would I therefore be ensuring that LAN access between my machines would operate at (real world) Gigabit speeds*? If so, is that true even if some of the machines have a fixed IP address, and some have an IP address assigned by the router's DHCP server. I guess my basic question is, assuming my first assumption is correct : will my router be a 10/100 bottleneck in any way?

* I understand that actual Gigabit performance is much less than the theoretical maximums, I just want to know if my aim of having a Gigabit LAN by this means is plausible.

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Your assumption is correct. :)

You've nothing to worry about with regards to IP addressing, and the router will certainly not be any kind of bottleneck.


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hi i,ve just set up my gigabit lan with 2 pc,s nic cards, a netgear rnd200 storage nas and netgear gs608 switch with my existing netgear dg834 modem router. prior to fitting the gigabit switch the transfer speed from pc to nas was very slow and took up huge amounts of cpu resource and about 75% network resource.after fitting switch while transfering 8gb of movies in 1 go, my cpu was 15% and network 5%, so a huge improvement, i also thought i would have to alter my modem settings to modem only but i,ve found that i lose my internet connection so i left it as modem router, finally. on my gigabit switch my modem shows as 10/100 so the gigabit lan does nothing extra for internet speed. finally finally. i,m trying to find out if my gs608 switch supports jumbo packets(my nic,s do) jumbo makes moving large files even faster, any ideas on this.. stevads


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yes it supports jumbo frames ...not a huge gain though to be my experience anyway..on some benchmarks it can actually make it worse it seems..


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no the 10/100 router switches dont do it - exactly my point though re performance, as per the article ...its not really ideal for small home networks for general use ....not worth the hassle in my experience - more performance pitfalls for the novice for a few Mbps gain in some benchmarks :(

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