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Gig Photography - Joan of Arc


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Hey guys,

Got my second ever chance at indoor gig photography last night (the first being over 2 years ago!). The band was Joan of Arc, at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham.

Using the Nikon D300 on its first proper outing for anything other than landscape shots, couldn't have been more pleased with it. The lighting was absolutely crazy (think multi-coloured strobe - constantly), but the D300's ISO performance meant I managed to come out with some shots that would have been acompletely ruined by noise on my old D70s.

I'm hoping to do a lot more gig photography. From my first attempt - somehow managing to blag my way into a snow patrol gig 2 years ago - to managing to get in front of the barrier at an outdoor day festival last year (which wasnt much of a challenge to shoot because of the unlimited daylight), to my latest attempt last night, I've really started to enjoy gig photography.

Anyone got any tips on how to get more? Im guessing just turn up and try and blag your way in?

(click images to go to flickr page)
















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The exposure on these is sweet considering the variety of lighting. They've come out brilliantly.
I see you had a 70-200 on. I'd have liked to see a few wider ones where you could have played with the composition a bit more and included more of the stage or other band memebers. Just for variety, not cause I think it'd have been better.


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Cheers guys :)

Yeah, denno, it would have been nice to get some more wider shots and shots of other band members. My main problem was that there was no barrier, so I could only get side of stage - and both sides of the (tiny) stage were absolutely littered with equipment, which meant any wider shots were partially obscured by an amp or stand or other things in the foreground. Same for the band members, they were all huddled up in a little group blocking each other. For the shot of the drummer I had to stand there with my camera for quite a while hoping one of the other guys would move out the way! :rotfl:


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Hello there

Think you have done a great job Tomfoolery:thumbsup:

I like the close up especially #2, one thing about #2 there a lot off dead space above his head. Maybe move more up in the frame.

#12 is another stand out one for me.:thumbsup:

Would love to have a go at this type of photography one day.

Cheers Holo:smashin::smashin:

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