Giant Spider Web Engulfs Texas Park


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They have been busy :eek:

Scientists have been stunned by a series of giant spider webs that have covered several acres of a state park in Texas.

A massive network of sheet-like webs have been spun over trees in a reserve 50 miles east of Dallas.

Scientists say it is an almost-unheard-of occurrence in the region.

"The dominant spiders here seem to be long-jawed spiders but this is unusual," said Mike Quinn, a Texas state insect biologist.

"Social spiders build communal nests in the tropics but the longjaws are not social.

"We still don't have a clear answer for what is going on here.

Colossal spider web gets worldwide attention

WILLS POINT -- The staff at Lake Tawakoni State Park is jokingly calling this weekend Spiderfest.

But after the flurry of attention the park received from as far away as England and Australia for the massive spider web that was discovered there, Spidermania may be more like it.

"I think by the end of this weekend we're going to be putting up a closed sign so we can recover from Spiderfest," park Superintendent Donna Garde joked. "We're going to be exhausted, but it's a fun thing and a good thing for the park. We got people talking about something other than fish, which is pretty unusual around here."

With the park's campsites already sold out for the three-day holiday weekend, park officials say spider lovers may overwhelm the 5-year-old park this weekend.


Picture by Fort Worth Star-Telegram



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:p Engulf is a bit ott. Its a couple of trees

At this point I would get the vacuum cleaner out


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Oh my god, I think I'm getting those spiders in my house! Getting some absolutely, freakishly large one's now!!! Emptied half a large can of Raid onto one last night (it was as big as my fist) and it went white with all the spray then shook it off and started walking again!!! Didn't shake it off when I hit and squashed with my shoe though....


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by all accounts a picture has been taken of the suspect :eek:


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Gary D

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even the picture of those webs put the willies up me :eek: time to move to the arctic circle i think.

Gary D

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Thinking about it that looks like a scene from the X-Files episode "Darkness Falls" - thats was set in the woods somewhere. Real brown trouser moments there :eek:

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