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    I have recently purchased a Tosh 36ZP18 and have connected my DVD player into SCART1 but seem to be picking up some ghosting from terestrial TV. It gets really bad when you freeze frame on a plain background (like grey sky). I tried puting the TV onto an unused blue screen channel (i.e. 6) then manually switching to the SCART input. But that makes things worse with a fuzzy picture. It's the same if not worse with a PS/2 in this SCART.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers, Steve
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    This is likely to be crosstalk between the tuner output of the TV (which is routed into the Scart socket) and the video signal input coming from the DVD or Sky.

    This is the Joy of using SCARTS. They are the Work of The Devil and there should be an EEC ruling against them. Unfortunately they were invented by the French so they are here to stay.

    If the crosstalk is happening in the cable (most likely) then the solution is to buy a better screened cable. Or better still, a cable that only has the input pins wired up at the TV end, through to the output pins at the equipent end. You may have to construct the latter for yourself; I'm not sure if you can buy them ready made up.

    You'll need 2, presumably; one for Sky and one for DVD.

    If we didn't have SCARTs, it would be much easier for you to choose which signal connectors you wanted to use.

    If this doesn't cure it, then it seems the crosstalk is happening in the TV. And you can't then fix it yourself.

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