Ghosting on worse on left side of screen on LG 42LW450U


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Hello there,
I picked up a LG 42LW450U the other week and am enjoying it.

However, one issue is bugging me but I'm not sure if it's an issue with all cinema 3D tvs or just mine.

If I'm watching something in 3D I notice faint ghosting along the left hand side of the image. If I dip my head down below the centre point of the tv the ghosting mostly clears up. If I stand up the ghosting gets worse from left to right. It seems worse on sky 3D broadcasts as well.

Is the vertical viewing angle supposed to be so tight? Could there be an issue with my tv or is a little ghosting to be expected? Do I need to get a taller stand so that I'm looking up slightly rather than down (I'm talking 10 - 20 degrees here. Not much.

As it stands if I'm sat on my sofa there will be a band of ghosting down the left side that will only clear up if I duck my head.


EDIT - heres a pic of the TV from my eye height.
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