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Sep 9, 2002
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I just got a Samsung 28" Pureflat widescreen tv, and am very happy about it apart from two little things. I notice it with the X-Box most. There was a slight green tint to the black and there is ghosting from logos and such. Most noticable on the X-Box logo on start up, there is a light band, the height of the logo from the right of the logo to the edge of the screen. It isn't a cable thing because the ghosting also appears with the tv's OSD and I RGB cables on both my Xbox and Gamecube and Composite on my PS2 and they all have the same problem. It even effects normal TV viewing, but you don't really notice it that much then.

I managed to fix the green tint by finding the service menu and playing around with the obvious values. I am unsure about what to change for the ghosting. I read that it could be related to VLS or something. Velocilty Limit ????. Can't remember. Has anyone else got a samsung (or any other widescreen tv) and would know how to sort it?

If it helps I can find the exact model number and take a photo of the problem when I get home.
Interesting, I have a friend with the 21", 4:3 version of that set (CW21A83NS) with identical problems. I know it can't be due to poor cables just as you said as I did check that out for him. I'd be interested to know anyone's ideas on the problem too.

polygon_monkey - let us know if you manage to sort it out.
My Samsung widescreen (model WS28W63) does exactly the same thing. The ghosting seems to be most apparent on white and yellows.

On a side note, how do you enter the service menu on your Tv? I've been trying to find how to do this but have had no luck. Any links for sites on how to do this?
That's probably caused by the CRT circuits having poor stability or bad drive and cutoff setup. It is a fault that should not happen on new TV's, but apparently it does.

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