ghosted xp doesn't boot (activation problem?)


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I've just got hold of a second hand barracuda IV (as the samsung spinpoint I originally bought was one of the really annoying whiny ones). I cloned over my boot parrtition from the samsung to the seagate and everything went fine.

By changing the boot priority in BIOS I am able to boot from the new hard disk BUT only as long as the old samsung is still connected, as soon as I disconnect it I can only boot to the first windows screen before the login.

When I looked in the event viewer it seems that it is hanging when it tries to check the product activation, which I suppose makes sense, trouble is I never had to activate this version of xp as it has a volume license key. Since I can't get into windows without having the second drive present it kind of makes it a bit poinless. Is there any way around this (other than a complete re-install)?



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I haven't really ghosted XP, but have had no problems with Windows 2000 and ghosting.

You may need to get a utility to mess with the SID of the Windows install on the Barracuda drive. It shouldn't be an issue for a standalone machine, but could be worth a go.

Try here: http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/source/newsid.shtml

The other thing (and I'm sure you've done this) is to check the jumpers. Is the Barracuda set to master when it's the only drive attached?
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