Ghost Rider Trailer now up at Apple.


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Really not sure as N Cage as Ghost Rider, I was really hoping they would get someone else when this project was announced. Trailer didn't grab me, just didn't look dark enough.


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looks dark but crappy nonetheless

the vertical burning bike ascent on skyscraper e.g. - oh dear!
is it only me? I have totally lost all appetite for overblown CGI use since SW I, Van Helsing, LXG and the likes and fear for my still to come X3 experience going the same way - down the drain that is ... :(

now, give me a take on superhero-dom a la Batman Begins any time! :thumbsup:


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Well, I used to love the comic when I was younger, and the very recent six part series comic story was pretty good, but at the end of the day, Ghost Rider should never be a mid forties baldy bloke, thus the interest of the film for me ends. The trailer was total ****e as well.

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