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ghost recon or battlefield?


Active Member
I've bought ghost recon just to play online and i'm enjoying it, i'm only really interested in playing it 'live'.

I was wondering if battlefield 2 was a better choice for online play?

What do you lot reckon?


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Battlefield 2 MC is 100 x better than GRAW, love it :smashin:


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Battlefield is the best on line game in my opinion. The servers were off line the other week so me and a friend thought we'd go on GRAW. It was OK, but nowhere near as good as Battlefield and once the EA servers went back on line, GRAW went back in it's little green case.....



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IMO BF2 is by far superior to GRAW online, although GRAW does have it moments...:thumbsup:


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i have both and like both, bf2 i think is could for a quick blast, but i have ben back to graw and when playing through the campaign missions with the folk on here i seem to prefer graw, the chapter 2 campaigns are rock hard and the enemy AI is amazing and it makes the game rock hard when you only have one life per campaign. If you have the cash i would buy both.


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Co-op on GRAW is outstanding, but for multiplayer fun it has to be BF2.

Some folks play a bit too run-and-gun but it's all good. If only EA cool nail the online features, voice comms, etc.

And more points for defending flags!


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I was under the impression that voice comms have been fixed. You have to press the X button to speak now.

Anyway, I have both GRAW and BF2. Since the day i brought BF2, GRAW hasn't been in my 360. GRAW online is great, but BF2 is just too much fun. I just love rockets and land mines!


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There may be a few people that aren't aware that you can log into the EA battlefield website - register your gamertag, and then see all stats from your online games.

Its quite good, you can see how many flags you've taken, shot to kill ratio, how many tanks you've destroyed etc. Very good and a nice touch.

Try this link to get you started:


From memory u may have to register and EA account first.


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Kopite4Ever Was it you that picked me off three times, no less, during my lunch break? Every time I hopped into a jeep at the Chinese base?

First time, fair enough. Second time not happy. Third time I have a good look around - through my scope, as well - before jumping in... only to get shot! Then I spent the rest of the round looking for you on foot. LOL

Anyway, your card is marked. ;)

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