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Ghost recon future soldier ps3


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Hello all im on tbis game on level firefly rain and im on the airport and here are some questions im hoping you can help me with.

You mark the enemy soldiers from the drone, but do you have to mark 4 of them and shoot one of these before the others your with shoot the othe ones you have marked with the drone.

Can you mark say 2/3 wait till it says ready but how do you then command your men to shoot these without you shooting one of them too.

Theres often more than 4 enemies how do you decide which to shoot as sometimes it says dead body found and games over.

Do u have to select 4 enemies but shoot one of these to make the others shoot the rest of them.

Im finding this very hard to do.

How exactly go about shooting 3/4 enemies first you have to mark them i see that but then what exactly do you have to do for them to be shot by your men, do you have to shoot one of the enemies for your men to shoot the others, and do you have to shoot a particularly one of the 4 for them to get shot, does it matter which one of the 3/4 enemies you have marked.....helppppppppp
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