Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Gerard Magnier, 1st December 2009
Standing as one of the most influential and ground breaking pieces of anime which has ever graced the silver screen (‘The Matrix’ borrows heavily from this movie), to view this movie back in 1995 would have been a mind blowing experience for many. The story still holds strong and although it’s lost some of its impact due to replication over the years, it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging experience. The inclusion of new CGI and audio effects really serves to bring this landmark movie bang up to date and so, this release comes highly recommended.

The video presentation has gotten a complete overhaul and is well worth the upgrade from DVD editions. The same can be said of the exemplary uncompressed 6.1 dts HD Master Audio surround track. The inclusion of the complete original cut of the movie in 1080p is a masterstroke and more than makes up for the other lacklustre additional supplements, which is not helped by some false advertising on the BD packaging. With both the original and the remastered version of the movie included on this release, backed up by a very strong audio visual presentation, this BD really is a must buy for all anime fans.

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