Ghost imaging/retention on PA 50THPX600


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I ran my Panasonic 50THPX600 in for about 200 hours, cinema 20%con/20%brightness.

Yesterday I played for a couple of hours on my XBOX360 and afterwards I noticed the image of some games interface was ghosted/retention. You only notice the retention from smaller distance or when looking for it, but its still there very firmly.

I run on the following settings:

Contrast: 75%
Brightness: 25%
Sharpness: 75% (default is 50%, I like sharp graphics)
Color: 65%


  • Does sharpness have any effect on burn-in/retention propability ?
  • Is this to be expected ? Couple of hours gaming and voila image retention ?
  • Can I fix it? An hour normal video playback solves it ?
  • Could it be that I need to run the screen in some more or play at lower settings then mine above ?

Any input is appreciated,


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Hi marc
Its good you took it out of dynamic mode Cinema is best, those settings seem to be a bit odd from my experince too much contrast and very low brightness and lots of colour. as for sharpness how are you connected to the screen for consoles?


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Thanks for the reply,
The settings are a bit odd, though its worth noting that I use only those setting to game on my console. I would not use these settings for realistic movie playback or anything.
The console is connected with components cable.

When I adjust the sharpness naturally everything gets sharper thus fixed interface windows like game health monitors brigthen a little bit up, so my guess so far war that I used exessive shapeness setting resulting in easy or fast ghosting/image retention. But that is a wild guess.

ps: Oh and my screen is installed in a very dark place, so no much need for brightness, also I always tend to favor a darker picture then (overly) bright.


Yes Ashroh, naughty boy!

How dare you not calibrate your console using DVE before using your plasma. Panasonic plasmas are burn-proof don't you know - it must be your fault, obviously. :rolleyes:


Brightness does not raise the light output, that's contrast. It should be at 50% or slightly higher to see most shadow detail, although black level on anything with a pic less than half a blank screen starts to rise above 30% on Panasonics. People setting their brightness on Panny screens with a blank screen thinking 'ah, black level isn't getting higher until 70%' are sadly mistaken.

Contrast will depend on your console - 75% isn't too high for most people for most sources.

Sharpness shouldn't do anything for the risk of screen burn

I think colour may be the culprit - 65% on a PX600 is probably in the very high category...

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