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This picure may look very ordinary but theres a good reason for that. I went on my own to find the Coneen or Coonian ghost/poltergeist house which is located in a forest near the border where Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland meet. The Coneen/Coonian poltergeist is one of Ireland's most famous ghosts. It drove the Murphy family to leave their home for the United States but it followed them over on the ship. After asking several locals for directions I finally managed to located the gap in the hedge where a track led through the forest to the house. I was okay going up but when I reached the house the deafening silence and stillness unerved me. Intermittent rustling coming from the bushes didn't help either! I took my camera out and fired of a few shots. I even took some photos inside the derelict house. The feeling of the whole place unerved me so much that I've never been that scared in my whole twenty nine years. I couldn't wait to get away from the place. So obviously the rule of thirds and everything else went out the window. :( But I do intend to go back and this time with company. :clap:


Cant Be That Scarey Kids Have Gravitated The Place Lol


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I went back to the house early this morning and brough someone else with me. Having another person there worked wonders for my nerves! The photos aren't great (blown out sky, composition etc) but I think the story behind them is great.

#1 A distant view of the forest where the house is located. I wanted to get across the sense of remoteness.

#2 A 'gap' where a path leads into the forest to where the house is.

#3 The path that takes you up to the house through the forest.

#4 A front view of the Coneen/Coonian ghost/poltergeist house as it is now.

#5 An old hearth inside the house.

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