GGC-H20L: Some questions before purchase...


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Thinking about picking up the above reader to playback HD-DVD and Bluray.

1) Does PowerDVD 8 support both HD formats, as I read that HD-DVD is disabled in version 8.

2) Which lossless formats are supported in PowerDVD 8?

3) If you can do lossless, which soundcards are people using? Analogue and HDMI.

4) I have PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra. Is there an upgrade path to version 8?

Thanks in advance

Cheers, Lee


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I can only answer 1, I'm afraid.

HD-DVD is disabled in 8 by default.
However you can install a patch to give it hd dvd playback capabilities. Just googling for it should get you the required patch.
I can give you the link if you want, reply back and I'll look for it while not on my working liunch ;)


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Hi lscolman
Just wondering if you ever resolved the issue of HD-DVD playback using Power DVD?

Am purchasing this disc drive, but may just send it back if I can't play HD-DVD!



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I believe there was a patch released to allow HD-DVD playback, but I'm not entirely sure.

I didn't purchase the drive in the end.

Cheers, Lee
I've just got one of these set up; installed the bundled powerdvd 7 and performed a quick nifty update to enable more than 2channels, and it works like a dream for blu and hd playback, so cant see why you'd need anything else


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power dvd 8 def does HD, there is a bluey coloured arrow on the top left of the programme bar that takes you to the "patch" file for download

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