GFX card woes - pc keeps resetting - need help


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Evening all, ive just respecced my pc and im currently having trouble with my graphics card.

My pc spec is as follows incase you find it useful -

Abit AN52 motherboard
AMD 4600+ dual core AM2 cpu
2 GB matched DDR2 800 dual channel memory
ATi X1950 Pro gfx card - PCIe
400W power supply
SATA HDD drive
Windows XP Pro

I managed to acquire a Nvidia 7900 GTX graphics card from work for free - installed the latest drivers and it runs sweet in windows and on the internet. Whenever i came to play a 3d game - i play World of Warcraft a lot - it would crash out on me with a blue screen mentioning Nv4_disp.dll - id heard that this is a common problem - relating to the graphics drivers. I was unable to fix the problem.

Ive just recently - today - bought and fitted an ATi X1950 Pro thinking that the nvidia card was faulty.

Installed the latest graphics drivers for it ( August ones so the latest ) and was quite happily playing away on Warcraft when it decided to reboot the pc again - but no blue screen or error message this time.

Its ok for everything else other than games - it must be something other than the gfx cards thats causing the resets.

Anyone with any ideas how i can resolve this issue? Ive got the side off the chassis so its getting plenty of air.

Only other thing i can think of - is that on the gfx card box it says it wants at least a 450W power supply - and im only running a 400W one.

Would this be enough to crash the system repeatedly? i.e the cards using too much juice when playing games and the PSU cant handle it - so it resets the pc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - sorry for the long post



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Try checking the drivers for the card. Goto Start/all programs/accesories/system tools click on multimedia and then video codecs. A list of drivers and there current state should be displaying OK all the way down. Then goto start.right click on My computer and choose properties choose the hardware tab and on device manager click on it and a box opens then look for the video and audio codecs, highlight the video codecs and right click then click update driver. You can also visit windows update site where it can scan your pc for any updates to any installed hardware.
Also try going to start/control panel/administrative tools/event viewer click on applications. This should bring a list of events and applications if you right click on any event and choose properties an error record is shown. It will contain a link to Microsoft, not always useful. Hope this helps.


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i's be looking at the power supply as well as driver conflict 8800 gtx may not be getting enough power depending on the rating on ur supplly.
did u remove the old driver ? , u can use a program called "driver cleaner" to get rid of old drivers before u install ur news 1's

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