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GFX card for 3 monitors (5760 x 1200): Single GTX 670 4GB VRAM or SLI GTX670 2GB VRAM


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Hi guys,

I'm hoping you can help with advice as I am about to build a new PC around an ivybridge i7 3770k processor (over clocked).

I intend to use 3 monitors 1920 x 1200 each for photography with Photoshop and Lightroom 4 and would also like to game, Battlefield 3 being the game of choice at the moment.

I do not at present have a large enough budget to SLI two GTX670s but if that is what it takes then I will commit to saving. Ideally I would use a single card, the GTX670 but with 4GB of VRAM. I understand the higher VRAM will be put to good use with a 3 monitor setup. I also know that 2 2GB cards in SLI will still only provide 2GB of VRAM (i.e. it does not stack).

Does anyone here use either of these two solutions for similar purposes and if so can you comment on whether a single 4GB card will do the trick? Will it provide high enough fps for BF3 when gaming on 3 monitors at 5760 x 1200?

I am looking to purchase components imminently so would appreciate some advice from those in the know as soon as possible!

Thank you :D


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EndlessWaves said:
Does SLI now support triple monitors? nVidia's website still says you're limited to two:
SLI | GeForce

Yes I believe the GTX 6 series natively support 3 monitors but I need to know if the single card as per my post will have enough juice for what I want. :)


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I would personally go for the 4Gb VRAM, then grab another at a later date. At resolutions like that any graphics mods you put on games are going to eat through 2Gb. In terms of power, you might have to dial back the AA but not much more to get around 30fps average. If not you could pick up a couple of 7950's with 3Gb VRAM for around the same price.
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SLI easilly

I run a 2gb card at 5670 x 1080,i haven't run in to vram issues, i do how ever lack raw horsepower to push some games at max settings

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