getting your pics processed whats the best methode


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new to digital but it seems i can take memory card into shop for processing,if they have the facility in store,or they send your card away for processing,so card could get lost in post if your unlucky.

it has been suggested that i can store pics on cd and take cd in for processing.

just wondered whats the easiest methode or use the one hour photo type outlet

thank you


Boots and Jessops will take memory cards or CDs. They can give your card back straight away while the prints are being made. I would burn onto CD in case of static discharge during handling in the shop.


I took mine to Boots and they said thy would download it there and then, but preferred to hang onto the card incase something did not download right. I suppose if they give you a recept then they are responsible for any los and will have to compensate you for it.


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I find it better to transfer the pictures to my PC and make a selection there before having prints made. Depending on your camera's resolution, you can also crop your pictures on the PC. This can dramatically improve the picture! You can also play with various properties of the images (brightness, color saturation etc.), if you've a mind to...

I've been using Picasa for dealing with pictures on the PC. It's powerful, easy to use, and absolutely free! Picasa 2 :clap:

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