Getting Xenons, worth upgrading the CHT12?


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I am going to get the Xenon 36/26t and I have at present a Velodyne CHT12, this is about 4 years old, should I be looking at upgrading this as well? They are all going into a room of 3m x 7m. I demoed the Xenons with a SB-12 but it was in Audio T in Brighton and the don't have a proper room so I don't think I got a true representation of the sub.

If so what would you recommend to partner this lot and the size of the room?

I guess a short list would be the


Any thoughts appreciated.


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I have used the search function as well :) This is how I have come up with the short list :p I would just like to know if they are far superior to the Velodyne.

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If you're buying the Xenons, would they not allow a home demo of the sub? It's a bit of an unknown quantity round these parts although I think I'm right in saying it's basically the old VX-860, which wasn't a bad sub.

It's main problem is it's price (£695) which gets you into the realms of some very serious, albeit larger subs that the Xenons and your rooms size, is quite capable of supporting.

The question is, how large do you want to go?



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Thanks for the response, by how large can I go are you alluding to the SVS cylinder subs or something else? The velodyne is pretty large and the GF will let me have a large sub, although a PB13 may be too much!:eek:

What do you suggest, I would hope to get it from AV sales, as I understand it they do home demos, though I read that somewhere on here, but I am not tied to them.

The SB12+ looks reasonable......


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I see the SVS owners thread has been resurrected.

The price point of 600 ish was mentioned. So from that I can see the SB12+, 25-31PC + and the 25-31 PCi are all in that range, what are the relative merits of the systems over one another?

I understand cylinders have a smaller footprint is this the only merit or are there other benefits?


Cylinders play louder and deeper (ported) and as you said take less floorspace, compared to identically ported box subs. As usual the sealed box versus ported pros and cons. Just bought a SB12+ and already got PC 20-39 PC Plus and PC Ultra 13.

From the review of the SB12+ said goes down to about 30hz, which seems a bit poor although with room gain should be lower, and doesn't go as loud as cylinder. I've used a Rel Q100E (sealed) and that seemed good for music. Tried a Rel ported subs in the hi-fi just couldn't get it spot-on.

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