Getting uk Ps2 run usa online games ?


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Im after getting Usa Socom III do i have to use a Usa Ps2 to get it to work online or would a Modchip fitted to a Uk Ps2 work and get past the dna's when loggin online etc: ?
I have owned a Usa Ps2 for Usa Socom II online but i sold it :thumbsdow


i dont think sony servers will detect your running a mod chip.

all they can detect is dodgy games i think, so as long as socom 3 is proper version then ya should be fine i think


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Throttle said:
Yea id buy the usa game rather than a copy just wanted to be sure that it would work really using it online :rolleyes:
Any chance of coming back and confirming for us Throttle when you find out :thumbsup:

Sarah Nya

Hiya I just thought I would add to this topic!

Do be aware that some online games won't work, the only one that I've found so far though is Monster Hunter, I bought a US copy (not pirate) and it wouldn't work on my chipped UK PS2. I do have an older messiah chip though so perhaps the newer ones will work.

It worked perfectly on my US console though so it wasn't a problem with my Internet connection or anything like that.

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