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Getting TV drive installed tomorrow, what should i check b4 the engineer leaves


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Hi all, I remember seeing a similar post some time back but I couldn't find it when I searched so appologies if this has already been covered.

I'm getting tv drive with supreme tv pack + broadband complete installed tomorrow. Is there anything I need to check before whilst the engineer is still onsite.

I've heard a couple of people mention that the teleport and the red button didn't work so i'll make sure I give them a go but is there anything else. Note i'm using an SD tv.

I also seem to remember somebody saying that the response time on their box was really slow until somebody back at HQ did something?


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From my own experience the only major issue was setting up the HDMI connection, but that doesn't apply here.

Speed of the box is a software issue ie from code drops. My teleport issue was from my PIN not being active, so i would make sure that works. It can be done over the phone later, though.

In conclusion, i dont believe there is anything that you need to worry about, assuming that you have a picture and the box works fine.


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Good, always worth checking as its a pain in the ass getting somebody out to fix a small issue.

Another thing i'm concerned about is that we already have a coaxial wiring in our lounge near the tv however this has the 'cable & wireless' symbol stamped on it so it is probably pretty dated. Does anyone know if the cable specs have changed? If so i'll make sure the engineer replaces all the cabling rather than being lazy.

Cable Monkey

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The most important thing is to insist that it works before he leaves. Don't sign anything until you see it working as it should, no error messages or channel not subscribed messages. Guy who did mine tried to walk before mine worked. I told him that his explanation was wrong (because I knew what was really wrong!) and made him wait until the emergency code download that fixed the issue was completed!


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I can only repeat what has been said. I had the "card not authorised" message on one of the two TVDrives installed although this happened several hours after the engineer left. A quick call to customer services got that resolved with an update with 10 mins.

I'm more interested in the Cable & Wireless box that you have.

I had one of those from a previous incumbent of the house who had the old analogue system.

Engineer came, set everything up and left after what I thought was a pretty good, efficient install.

An hour or so later, I has a supervisor arrive. He said they do a certain number of randon checks of the installers work at various households, wondered if I'd mind filling in a survey and him checking through the install.

I gave the installer top marks, although the supervisor was less happy that the engineer left some untidy wiring, (it seemed ok to me!) and a small (less than hald a centimetre) length of cable from where he'd trimmed a plug, saying they should tidy up after themselves. I said I didn't mind, the engineer had been friendly, knowledgeable, effiecient and very helpful.

This seemed to satisfy the supervisor until he checked the install upstairs. He looked with distaste at the old Birmingham Cable box, got staigh on the phone and demanded the engineer came back to change it.

Is there an improvement? - I don't know. It is more than just a logo change as the box is an entirely different shape? (slighty larger so it doesn't affect decorating) - again I don't know. But the supervisor was adamant that it should be changed to get maximum perfomance.

Still contains the original copper wire though.

Can't complain about the service. Top notch.


Cable Monkey

Prominent Member
I would imagine he replaced the analogue box with a digi one.


Standard Member
Ok Karma i'll make sure i get that changed then.

Is there a good reason I can give him why i want it changing in case they try to fobb me off?

Also do either of you know if the cable running to the house will be ok?

Cable monkey whats this about code download, I presume i'll get any updates once the box has been left on for a while, or should I insist that I get a 'forced' update.

Thanks muchly


Established Member
I believe that a change was made at the cabinet. But that was done before he arrived at my house.

The ACTUAL cable from the cabinet to the little grey box on the outside wall was left alone. As was the cable inside the house (apart from an additional run to enable two boxes). The "metalware" within the box sorry - not technical - and the plastic cover were changed.

I think the general guise, though, is make sure you are happy before he leaves.

That said, if you do have problems, my experience is that a lot of things can be fixed over the phone.

The time I did need an engineer I called TW at 4.00pm on Saturday, and engineer was with me at 10.00 on Monday.

Can't fault that, especially as it was a user ...read "my" error, which was fixed and with good humour AND i wasn't charged.....which I expected....so that was nice.


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