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I have a Virginmedia setup in the living room, a Freeview set-up in the study and two DAB radios.

When listening to the pips on radio coming from the TVs and DAB radios the pips arrive at different times.

How do I now get the correct time?

Presumably from some source other than the digital radios.


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Analogue (FM or medium/long wave) radio provides accurate time signals

Digital sources are all subject to delay caused by the signals invariably being sent to the satellite and then back to your receiver. Delays vary, as some signals are retransmitted more than once

You can buy radio clocks that receive signals from a time transmitter at Rugby. These cost from £10 and are accurate to a fraction of a second. They automatically adjust for the start and end of summer time

Radio watches from the likes of Casio Waveceptor work in the same manner, receiving accurate signals worldwide
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The NPL MSF time has moved from Rugby to Anthorn in Cumbria - happened in 2007


There is a delay between the signal being converted to DAB and your radio converting the digital signal back again. Even different radios may be slightly out dependent on what chips were used. The clock on the radio display might be accurate.


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Or just check online, that's likely to be accurate to the nearest second as well (or even your system clock if running windows, that is able to synchronise itself to an online time source).

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