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I've been though the forum from back to front and inside and out over the last few weeks and would appreciate any views on how to maximise the quality of the picture I am getting from my HDE434 (but I guess my question applies to plasmas generally).

I am using HDMI between my 868 and 434 and am happy with that, so I am particularly interested in how to improve the quality of general viewing (from Sky+ which does after all account for the majority of our family viewing), particularly on fast-moving action like football or on programmes with intensely colourful backgrounds.

I have some specific questions, but would also welcome any general comment:

1. What are the pros/cons of the (clearly much admired) JS RGB-VGA vs RGB-YUV and extent of improvement I could expect over my current RGB (QED AV2110) connection?

2. What are the key differences between the IScan Ultra and the HD and, again, what improvements might such a device yield?

3. Ditto the Lumagen products.

4. What is "SDI mod" and what benefits would this yield?

5. Does anyone provide a service to help "tune" AV products to get the best out of them (over and above the basic installation service I received from my dealer) and, if so, any contact info would be appreciated.

I appreciate that these questions may well have been asked and answered in the forum, but my head is spinning with all of the (great) information in here and I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

[p.s. New to this and not that technical so apologies in advance for any stupid comments/questions - also very impressed by the quality of this forum and hope to repay some of the help it has already given me in the months/years to come.]



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1) JS tech RGB to YUV is what I use to connect my Sky box to Iscan Ultra before going to Panny Plasma (Never used any other converter for this so can't really compare but I am very happy with the job it does)

2) The SD unit is not a scaler (just de-interlaces) , doesn't have audio delay (cure lip sync problems) & doesn't have the same inputs as the HD version. The HD version is much more customiseable so that you can achieve 1:1 pixel mapping output to match your display.

3) Lumagen offer high quality video processing units. Wide product range & prices. Don't think they offer lip sync curing like the Iscan HD out of a one box solution, but they do offer other connections I believe that the Iscan HD doesn't. Gordon on these forums is a distributor for Lumagen & tell you of their virtues if you enquire I am sure.

4) SDI = serial digital interface (I believe) . A single cable 75 Ohm digital video connection say between your DVD player & video processor , will help picture by cutting out digital to analog conversion.

5) Again speak to Gordon , calibrates plasma displays & plenty of people here have used him. Haven't heard one person say it wasn't money well spent.

HDMI though , you are already using an all digital connection between your player & display. The displays scaling may not be as good as a video processor ??

Of course video processors act as a video hub to your display if you have just a display with no media box (as in my case)

For Gordon search for Gordon @ Convergent AV

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