Getting the best out of my new Onkyo 906?


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Hello guys

Decided to upgrade my current Onkyo to a 906 and I am sure I wont be disappointed, however I am a bit of a novice and want to make full use of its capabilities!

Set up as follows: -
Living Room:
Onkyo 906 (coming very soon)
Pioneer PDP-LX5090 TV
Toshiba HD-E1 DVD Player
KEF 3005 7.1
D-Link HD DSM-330 to stream music videos etc (assuming this now wont be reqd now I have the 906 coming??)

Panasonic 42PV500B TV

Sky+ multi room
17" Flat screen

Questions: (and bear with me here I am ready to be educated here!:lesson:)
Firstly, do i need any other toys to improve the quality?

I am upgrading speaker cable to QED Silver XT - Is this good enough?

Are the KEF 3005 ok for system, or do I need to upgrade to get best out of 906

Can I just connect using HDMI cables for Dolby surround? or optical?

The 906 has 2 outputs and zone 2 (sorry to state the obvious) I want to connect to TV in conservatory approx 10-15m away from 906, Can I have zone 1 & 2 work both at same time? What cable would be recomended to hook the panny to 906 15m away?

Want option to watch different channels using my HD box in Living room, would I req multi room?

I do have a media system but currently I have to leave laptop running. is there an alternative option to avoid running laptop 24/7 to stream itunes/avi's etc

I assume to get Radio i just need to connect 906 to my external modem, correct?

Is it possible to hook up an external hard drive containing movies/photos/music to the 906

I have all the equipment hidden in a cupboard behind the TV (very neat and tidy) Does the 906 control the TV/sky hd etc etc, and through a 'stud' wall? I do have a Harmony but the lass hates it hmm

Sorry for all the questions and i am sure i will have more once the 906 arrives and i start playing, and any advice i would very welcomed.

Thanks guys

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