Getting the best from my Sony HS-60


Hi i have sony VPL-HS60 and im needing some help to get the best pic from it.

If anyone here has got one off these PJ's and could write there settings that they use would be great.

Ive played about with the setting but i feel that i could get more from this PJ.



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I found my HS-60 was pretty well calibrated straight from the box.
As a general starting point, the following adjustment items are pretty much where they should be accross all HS60's:

- make sure lamp is on LOW
- colour temperature is on LOW
- Advanced Iris is on AUTO
- Sharpness is on or around 0... yes '0'

The contrast, brightness and colour levels will vary according to how well your unit was calibrated at the factory, and largely by the envrionment in which it is used.
Your projection screen material will play it's part too!.

I'd start by leaving contrast around 80, brightness around 50, and colour around 50.
Personally, after an AVIA and DVE calibration, I ended up leaving the brightness setting at 52, contrast at 80, and colour at 43.

Finally, leave all the other items like 'black level' and 'gamma' at their factory setting...i.e. 'off'.

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