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I visited my BIL a few weeks back and now find myself hugely jealous of his hi fi set up. I've got a stack of vinyl in the loft from back in the day, so would dearly love to set myself up with the means to play them again, but with minimal outlay. I'd like some advice on this grouping of items. My plan is to fabricate a bespoke shelving unit out of 20mm ply to house it all and the vinyl. This would be on a wall in our living room which is about 5m X 5m.

I'm thinking of going used for the turntable and amp but getting new speakers. Would this lot mesh together ok?

Technics SL-D2 ( or similar)
Rotel Ra-01
Dali Spektor 2

Budget I'm aiming for is about £500.

Thoughts would be much appreciated.


Can you name a few records you're keen to put on first! :)


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If you are on a budget, usually you can find second hand hi for racks on the auction site for less money than the cost of ply wood.


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Update - I have now purchased two of the items that I need:-

NAD 3130 - for £60
Dual 505-2 with Elektra cartridge - free but had to put new phono connectors on it

For speakers I am using a pair from a Sony mini system that was left here by the previous owner of our house. Sound is ok but I think speakers need an upgrade.

Any recommendations on what would match well with the amp, deck?

I've read that Kef and B&W tend to go well with this amp , why is that?



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Careful with speaker selection. With 30 to 40 Watts per channel you probably best off looking for some older speakers with good sensitivity and 'nominally' 8Ohms. There should be a good bit of matching suggestions on internet for that amp which was reputed to have a 'nice' sound.


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Thanks for the advice. Yes, the internet told me that Kef and B&W should match well. I hadn't considered the sensitivity, but I will now. Any model numbers of older speakers to look out for that are known for 90+dB sensitivity?


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The speakers really do need to be replaced.

You might consider these... a top class speaker and an easy load.

Or these if you’re near London?

And another bargain pair here.



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The 3130 is a solid amp with an impressive power supply and it will be happy driving a good bite of current into your speakers.

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