getting sound from pc to tv ?


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Ive got half built pc which im gonna make into a htpc.

it has an audigy sound card in it ,I was wondering how I can get 5.1 sound from it to my plasma, hitachi 42pd7200 .

as far as i can see it has rgb dvi with a 3.5 jack input on the tv which means i should be able to get stereo to the tv but not 5.1

I have a panasonic sc-dm3 all in one 5.1 dvd system which only has left and right in on aux mode, would the line out on the sound card carry the 5.1 to the dvd player output 5.1?
I know this is not a very good player but the mrs like the smallness of it and hates boxes so dont really wanna go down the extra box ie amp route.

only other way would be a new all in one and sell this one.
Any ideas ion a good cheep all in one with good inputs/outputs

any ideas ?


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I don't understand what you mean about getting 5.1 sound to your plasma I'm afraid.

Do I take it you mean the plasma has normal stereo left/right channels? If so then feeding 5.1 as it stands wouldn't be useful as speech is usually send to the centre channel in surround sound systems.

Can you perhaps describe a bit more clearly what sound setup you're looking to achieve?


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I see what you mean, im talking sh*te its imposible to make 5.1 come out of 2 speakers on the tv

What i think im trying to say is ,does line out from the audgiy sound card carry the 5.1 signal and can i send it to my dvd player which has Aux in (seems to be left/right though) , will it output it to 5 speakers ? .

also if i can send sound to the dvd box will i notice lip sync problems on the tv ?

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