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So, my son hasn't really wanted a TV in his bedroom til now so we've bought him one to play is playstation on and DVDs. It has built in Freeview and he would like to watch this or any channels really but we don't have a TV aerial as we don't really need it, we have Virgin TiVo.
What's the best way to go without putting a big aerial up?? Have tried an indoor aerial but it's rubbish.
Can you get smaller aerials that fit to an outside wall??
What about connecting up to our 2nd V+box which we have in out bedroom?? I think i'm right in thinking there's no RF output though so don't think that would work.
Any advice appreciated. Cheers.:thumbsup:


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If your son's bedroom faces the direction of your nearest transmitter then a modest wall mounted aerial, perhaps with an amplifier, might do the trick. It would be useful to know where you live or check out yourself what kind of aerial you might need for your location. If you are in a post-switchover area then the Freeview signal should be a healthy one and you might be in luck. It should be more reliable than an indoor aerial.

Connecting him to a V+ box via a SCART/RF link will mean he will have to watch whatever you are watching which might not be ideal.
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