Getting sky on laptop, easiest way.


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I have sky and a laptop with s-video, now i have a windows media centre pc and i have sky going into that, ok but i get green blocks and swooshes all the time, now how can I get sky onto my laptop so i can have a tv on in the corner of the office or even on a small widescreen lcd tv.

thanks peeps.


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s-video im sure, theres a little what looks like a tv with arial image above socket. My windows media centre pc has arial in so ive just plugged in the sky arial into that and its worked fine. Laptop doesnt have that, not even sure it has a tv card.


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My Laptop (IBM ThinkPad) has a S-Video type DIN connector and it is definitely the Video out connector. There is no video in connector. I thought that this setup was common practice.


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If the svhs socket is NOT an input (highly likely) you will need a USB or firwire TV Tuner or Video capture device:cool:

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