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I called Sky the other day to get Sky + installed, however, as I use a shared dish as part of a block of flats, I am apparently not able to do this. The lady said Sky + needs two input connections and I only have access to one.

Is there anyway around this problem which would allow me to install Sky +?

If not, I am really interested in getting the Dolby Digital sound offered with Sky +. Can I buy a non sky + digibox with an optical output, which would then let me receive Dolby Digital sound?

Thanks for any help,

Hi mate first of all I presume youve got a communal dish, if so the easiest way is to contact the company involved and see if they will run you another feed from the multiswiitch, this is obviously gonna cost you.

How much, depends on cable run etc and thats if they will do it.

If you only want sky+ for DD then why not just buy a decent home ciinema amp with pro logic2 processing, PR2 does amazing things with stereo sources very close to 5.1 and music will never sound the same either:smashin:

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