Getting SKY + HD Installed How Do I?


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As title says getting sky + hd installed in december.

I have also managed to obtain an hd box from am family member.

How do I get them to put this box upstairs ie multiroom?

Do I just tell the engineer when he comes to install?

All the wires etc are here from the last subscriber who had it so he would not need to do any work?

I tryed explaining this to sky to put this onto the engineers job when he comes they never grasped what I wanted and was telling me it would be an £180.

So whats the best way of going about this?


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You say all the wires are there, is there 1 or 2 cables?

If theres 2, you just need to plug it in. If theres 1, you'll only be able to watch/record 1 channel at a time.

Then you just need to call Sky for another viewing card.

If theres 1 cable and you want 2, your best bet is to have a word with the installer. You'll need a quad LNB, its not rocket science to do it yourself..

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The Engineer should install a quad LNB for you when he does your install. be nice to him, offer cups of tea or a bacon roll and he'll be putty in your hands and should run an extra cable for you.


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Well I actually know the engineer who is going to do this for me so no problems with him there. The Full sky hd package is already been installed here from the last people who had it so thats no problem.

So I just ring sky after its all installed for a card or ask them now?

I tryed to explain this to them but they wanna charge me £180 to fit my own hd box upsatirs. Its murder trying to explain to them what I want.
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