getting SACD or DVD-A multi channel on my Lexicon!


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Oct 24, 2002
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Hey all,

I recently bought one of the AMW P80L DVD players (seen here from dabs for like £43 delievered. Basically I wasted to see if DVD-A format was as good as it's supposed to be. For this price I couldn't go wrong.

Now I have a Lexicon DC-1 v4. As far as I can tell multi-channel DVD-A (and also SACD) is only available if your amp/preamp has multi channel analogue inputs.

I was wondering if anyone knows if the DVD-A signal can be sebnt via the coax or optical to my Lexicon for processing?

If that was allowed in the first place in would have been implemented in every player as it is much cheaper than provising for multiple analogue outputs.

Your £43 player would probablu cost no more than £30 as it would have six D/A converters and 5 connectors less.
by digital stream on the fly.

As it stands the only way to get DVD-A via digital link is to use a PC based on NVIDIA chipset that have ability to encode six analogue channels into a the fly and send them via digital link.

However, considering that you are not likely to find more than three DVD-A discs tolisten to it ishardly worth an effort.
I do hope you are not suggesting there isa shortage of DVD-A material. I have over 25 discs most of which are absolutley superb. If you are very musically narrow minded then you may have trouble finding something to suit your tastes.
Cheers guys!

I guess I can get DVD-A in stereo then yes? Although the lexicon doesn't have an analogue by-pass so it will probably just not work.

Oh well, I know a few mates who will probably buy the player fro £40. No big loss!

dvd-a still needs a good player to sound at it's best so when you try it go to a dealer and get a home trial on a decent player otherwise you'll get a shady view of what DVD-A is capable of!
Also AFAIK all DVD-A disks also contain either a Dolby Digital or DTS multi-channel mix, so you can still get the basic idea of what a true DVD-A mix will sound like. This can of course be sent to the processor via optical/coax and played on a standard (ie non DVD-A capable) DVD player.


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