getting rid of "data service" header on sony dx100 for idtv?


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Jul 6, 2002
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hi all,

i've recently bought the dx100.
haven't had much time to fiddle around with it.

everything looks good (not that i'm much of an expert) - apart from the geometry, a slight dip on the left of the screen.
picture rotation won't fix this so i'm assuming settings in the service menu will. (any help here will also be much appreciated.)

what is more annoying though is the creamy/peach coloured header/title that randomly appears whilst watching the digital channels.

anyone know how to switch this off? or am i stuck with it?

I suffer the same problem too... the info bar appears every time the EPG thinks the next programme is about to start, though I've seen it so many times now I think I'm subconciously blocking it out!

If it would do it between programmes it wouldn't be so bad, but appearing several minutes before the previous one has finished is really annoying! :(

I'm guessing that this has to do with the poor quality of programme information the broadcasters send out, but since I've no idea how this works perhaps someone will correct me.

The worst part about it is that if you set a timer using the EPG to turn the digital tuner on/off and send the output to the VCR, because the next programme info appears several minutes before the end, the VCR stops recording before the programme has finished - how annoying is that!! And as if to rub salt into the wound, it overlays the info bar onto the VCR output, so it gets recorded onto tape too!! :mad:

Anyway, to get back to dac's original point, if anyone knows how to switch this poxy info bar off I'd appreciate it too!

Regards, Vaughn
More DTTV info cockups since ITVDigital went bump!

SDN is missing it
BBC and ITV all over the place

thanks for the info.
does your dx20 do the same thing?

what does SDN stand for? sorry ... not up to date with all these acronyms.

so we just have to wait until BBC sort it out now?


p.s. was in ther service menu last night ... would turning off EPG help u think? should still be able to recieve the digital channels. i don't really use the teletext/interactive etc. anyway
No banner on DX20:cool:

The info system has been shut down and disconnected to be auctioned.

I just hope BBC and Crown Castle don't start a bidding war:D as they are the only feasable customers.

SDN is SC4 Digital Networks = Mux A

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