Getting really frustrated with SkyHD box


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OK, I'm not usually one to complain, but I'm really getting to the end of my teather with our current SkyHD box.
I've tried a couple of power cycles, I've done a planner rebuild more than once (on one occasion this process took almost half an hour to complete!).

The box in question is I believe a Samsung box. It originally had a 160GB HD in and it was upgraded to a 300GB drive using one of the enterprise level Seagate drives - exactly the same model line as the original drive.

Some of the problems we have with the box:

Items setup to record just vanishing from the planner - we'll have something set on "Series Link" and we'll notice later in the week it never recorded and it has vanished from the planner.

Program says it has recorded, when played back we get a blue screen and if you fast forward the time alwas stays at 0mins - even though the info on the recording will say 30mins, 60mins etc.

Recording failed for no reason - will report a clash when it is the one and only thing being recorded.

Box suddenly stops responding - then a minute later all of the key presses we entered suddenly get sent to the box.

I just don't know what to think really. I've never been impressed with the SkyHD box. Our old Sky+ box from many years ago (a Pace unit) was literally bullet proof.
It never went wrong, it always worked and when we first got HD I honestly felt it was a step backwards.
I take it if I source another box then I'm going to have much of the same issues?
I know there is now a 1TB SkyHD box - but I'm assuming that is very basically the same box but with a bigger Hard Drive installed.

Is there any particular make of SkyHD box that is better than the other's - maybe the Samsung boxes are just a little.....rubbish?
Are Sky planning on releasing something that can actually cope with a couple of HD streems being recorded and the playback of something else? I get the impression the current line of HD box just isn't really up to the job.


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An Enterprise grade drive isn't the best choice, the Seagate 'Pipeline' series are best for this job if you are going to upgrade.
The software in the box is tested against Pipeline type drives, Enterprise models behave differently and are not just faster.


You could have had a replacement machine from Sky ages ago, and I strongly recommend getting it now.
There is just one current machine, originally called Amstrad, now just Sky, in two versions, one with a 500gB drive one with a 1.5tB. It's not the same machine at all as the Samsungs, and is not at all likely to present any issues. From the general experience here in the forum it's perfectly reliable. The impression you have found is mistaken.
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The box you are talking about (the Amstrad DRX890) is proving to be very reliable, Amstrad will be making them for a while yet.
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The 890 and 895. Yes, there've been very few reports of problems and there's no sign of any newer model.

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