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Getting ready for my 50" Sammy - cable question


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Will be delivered Thursday - confident I can get the Sky+, DVD and AMP on the 3 shelves that come with it but need new place for HCPC

Because of this I need a longish DVI cable - 10M would be about rite - is this one here any good http://www.tvcables.co.uk/cgi-bin/tvcables/LINDY10.html and then attach an adaptor to the end to allow it to fit the HDMI port ?

A 10M DVI to HDMI cable costs about twice as much


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yes i think that will be fine, i dont see a problem with running a 10m dvi cable and them putting a hdmi connector on the end of it. Get ready to enjoy some gob smacking hd material :thumbsup:


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If it's the 7LX pedestal version, can't you buy another one of the stands and put it on the right. I saw one in Currys and it wasn't physically attatched to the base, just placed there, and it looked to me like you could just swing it around to the other side.

Twit! I looked again today, you can't just swing it around, it won't fit! It would be ideal if Samsung made a rack for the right side too.


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Duncan, could you let me know how the Sammy compares to your Hitachi please?

I'm thinking of replacing mine in time for Sky-HD (if I can slide it into the house without the wife noticing. When I first got a 32" Sony, she thought THAT was too big!)
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