Getting perspex cut for me.


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I'd like to make my own htpc case using a standard ATX desktop case by replacing the front with a peice of translucent white perspex with all the holes cut out for the drives and power buttons, anyone know were I could order this precut? I dont mind cutting the holes my self but I'd like the sheet to be precut to the size of the front of the case.

any help would be appreciated


Anyone who uses acrylic should be able to do this for you. Sign makers won't have any problems doing this and you might even get a cheap offcut, avoid large companies as they won't have the time. Check out your local yellow pages and find a high street (or back street) sign maker. ICI (amongst others) make acrylic in hundreds of colours so you're not limited to clear, but there are plenty of translucents that should be worth a look.

Careful with cutting acrylic, it's brittle and won't look right if cut with a jigsaw. Sheet acrylic comes with a protective sheet front and back, I suggest you measure up and mark out on the sheet then get the sign maker to do the cutting. Might be more expensive but, without the proper tools, your PC could end up looking a dog.


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thanks people, there is a coule of sign makers I work with and for some reason didnt even think about it. DOH!


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oh no, I dont want a transparent case, I want to make a custom translucent front for a desktop case, thanks for the sugestion anyway

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