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Getting Panasonic Kit Working Together


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Hi Everyone, new here. Came looking for help to retune my Panasonic DMR-EH60, so currently trying the advice on the forum.
In the meantime can anyone help me: few years ago I bought the following Panasonic kit - TX-32LXD52 plus SC-HT17 plus DMR-EH60DEB all from a local dealer. They came to install it and I thought it would all be straightforward with all compatible kit. Whilst picture quality is ok, the woofer has always had a low hum (not noticeable when sound playing), but main disappointment is what seems to be the incompatibility of the 3 bits of kit. You have to have the 3 remote controls to hand for full functionality, you have to press multiple buttons to fromTV to Hard disc machine. I did question this with installer but was told they had set it up the best way (they also told me couldn't record a programme and start to watch it whilst still recording it which is not correct).
Being non-technical and not having a clue about RGB/S-Video/SCART/Component etc. Can anyone help me set the kit up to get the best viewing.
Any advice would be really appreciated.


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Does the subwoofer hum if nothing is connected to it? Do a search for "ground loop hum" and you should find a few threads with possible solutions, should it be a ground loop issue.

I'm afraid the only true way to control all your equipment using a single remote is to buy a universal remote control. I appreciate that all the equipment is from the same manufacturer but their ability to control other equipment using the same remote but might be limited in what functions can be controlled. Have you tried changing the remote codes to see if you can find another code that controls the equipment better? You should find the list of remote codes in the manual.

I would recommend you buy one of the Logitech Harmony range. They start at around £45 for the 525 model. I use the Harmony One and it's by far the best remote I've owned. They allow you program all your devices from the Logitech Database and then set up activities so that the remote will turn on the relevant equipment and select the correct inputs on the TV and amp. The remote will remember what equipment is on and what the status is. They work very well and although the programming can take a little time to get it right, there are forums both here and on the Logitech website for handy tips.

I couldn't find a manual or list of connections for the TV but I am assuming it has Component Video input, which are green/blue/red connections with separate analogue audio inputs (red/white). Component Video is also known as YpBpR or YUV. Component Video Cable. I don't know what audio outputs the TV has, can you have a look? You're looking for "Audio Out" or a circle marked with an arrow pointing outwards (indicating output). It will more than likely be a toslink (optical) output or analogue audio output (red/white)

Do you know how everything is connected at present?

My initial thoughts would be:

Connect the home cinema system to the TV via component video cable (green/blue/red) - the audio will be dealt with internally and output via the speakers. I couldn't see whether the h/c system supports progressive scan. If there is an option to enable it, do so for an improved picture.

Connect the DVD Recorder to the TV via SCART cable. Set to RGB in the picture settings menu - see page 53 of your manual for details.

Connect the DVD Recorder to the Home Cinema system via an optical cable. Set the audio output to Bitstream - see page 52 of your manual for details.

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