getting online with external network adapter??


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Just wondered whether it is possible to get online wirelessly with a external USB network adapter (like with the Xbox adapter :thumbsup: )??

I'm having a nightmare of a time with getting a wireless connection with my Dlink G604T; sometimes it works, more than not it doesn't :( I'm finding online play extremely frustrating, something that I've NEVER had with my 360 (and yes, I love both systems:smashin: )

So what are my options??? Homeplugs? read a bit about those, or can I use a doggle or even my 360's adapter via USB?? what about Router setting perhaps??

Any help greatly appreciated:rolleyes:


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Have you tried changing your wireless channel?

1 and 11 are usually good options - but you could use netstumbler to check for channels that aren't heavily used around you


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