Getting NTSC progressive from PAL DVDs


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I have come up with an interesting idea.

I have a UK PAL xbox fitted with a modchip. I have a piece of software that tricks the xbox into thinking its an NTSC machine, so that it will play US games in NTSC progressive (via the component outputs of the hi definition av pack). I also picked up a version of a DVD player for the xbox (DVDX 2) that doesn't require the IR dongle that the official MS one does, this is multi region. This program has recently been patched to output progressive scan from DVDs.

The interesting thing I've found is that when running in NTSC mode, I can use this multiregion dvd player to play back PAL dvds in progressive (obviously NTSC progressive, not PAL prog).

Does this mean that multi region, progressive scan, stand alone DVD players could (in theory) output a PAL dvd in NTSC progressive? Is it just a matter of the firmware controlling the player?

Anyone have any thoughts?



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Theoretically it should be possible, after all some standalone players can output true PAL (PAL50) from R1 discs ...

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